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Research on the 48 families of Virginia Company

One of the secret corporations that is comprised of the Secret Oligarchy is the Virginia Company.

In October 1781, when the Earl of Cornwallis (Capitulated) to the British East India Co EMPLOYEE George Washington.. the name of the Virginia Co. was renamed.. the New Secret Corp was now called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION AND BODY POLITIC.

The Terms of the Capitulation was that the SECRET CORPORATION would continue in EXISTENCE, FOREVER!.. the arrangement that the King(or Q) of England would continue to receive 20 percent of the the revenues from the Virginia Co.. as per the old Charter of 1607 again.. FOREVER!

The Payseur family signed a contract with Benjamin Franklin in 1785 to handle all of the communication and transportation in the Secret Corporation again FOREVER.

The Crown Prince of France. ( Louis Charles Bourbon-Capet) was made manager of the United States Corporation in 1805. At that time the Crown Prince was 20 years old. He had been in hiding in the City of London since both his parents were beheaded during the French Revolution in 1793.

His father Louis Charles Bourbon-Capet (LOUIS16th) and his mother were of the PURE DRAGON RACE BLOODLINES.& LOUIS = CHARLEMAGNE bloodline (MARIE ANTOINETTE VON HAPSBURG bloodline- ie Queen Elizabeth 2 today).

The Payseur family lost control of the Virginia Company in 1933 when the Company had to file for bankruptcy. All of the Executive orders issues by Roosevelt disenfranchised Louis Cass Payseur family from the Corporation in 1933..

At that time it was taken over by Colonel LEROY SPRINGS.. the founder of the SPRINGMADE BED LINEN FACTORY(as most of you know by NOW.. the HAARPE BROTHERS and their LIZARD CONSTITUENTS.. use the electronic geometries from HAARPE to MIND CONTROL US.. and one of the best ways.. is our SPRING MADE RESONANCE MATTRESSES.). reminds me of the CIRCLES FOUND around major areas like PINE RIDGE.. or any CITY.. ie COUNTRY.. to passify the people.. with FREQUENCIES … currently .. IRAN btw..

Anyway.. the founder of the Springmade Bed Linen Factory in Lancaster South Caroline.. LEROY SPRINGS.. Colonel Spring’s granddaughter is the MAIN PERSON IN CHARGE OF THE CORPORATION AND WAS HEAD OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK.. HER name is CRANDALL CLOSE BOWLES( RING ANOTHER BELL ? Prince Charle’s wife from HELL? ). I don’t know if CRANDALL is still alive today.. but she was on the board of the Federal Reserve bank of Charlotte North Carolina and was CEO of the SPRINGMADE BED LINEN COMPANY..

The Federal Reserve Bank evolved out of the North Carolina GOLD COMPANY chartered in 1899 in Charlotte North Carolina. The First National Bank of Charlotte was the bank that MADE THE SECRET GOLD BULLION PAYMENTS to the Queen of England for 190 years..

At any rate the Federal Reserve Bank of Charlotte North Carolina makes the SECRET ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFERS to the CITY OF LONDON today. This is the 20% of the TAX REVENUES that will FOREVER go back to the CROWN OF ENGLAND via the original contracts with the Virginia COMPANY..

KING JAMES.. ( A VAMPIRE with PORPHYRITIC DISEASE) remember also the GATEWAY TO THE SUN IN PERU had 48 glyhps around the major figure.. Queztacoatle.. the Snakeruler )

because there were 48 MEROVINGIAN FAMILIES who signed on to the Virgina CO Charter.( SO WHERE ARE THESE SIGNATURES TODAY>> HELD SECRETLY!>).

In 1607 KING JAMES (born 1566) already knew that there were going to be 48 contiguous STATES in N. AMERICA. He knew this because it was he who chartered the Virginia CO.

Each MEROVINGIAN FAMILY was to have its very own STATE as its KINGDOM.

There were some Secret Trusts executed with the POPE OF ROME also.

Such as the STATES OF MARY_LAND(MERY_LAND)…. and i do believe that is why they to this day also keep the UCBO trusts so secretive for the FEW.. OLIGARCHICAL MONARCH CONTROL AND RULE OF ASSETS> which is why these trusts are not found in the ordinary LAW SCHOOLS.. except.. CORNELL

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