We Need A War

Never more than now, do we need to Understand the Mind Games being played on us.

We need to go to legal, I repeat legal, war over the way we are being treated.

It shouldn’t be anything military, they own all the big weapons anyway, but it does need to be defiant and peaceful.

They would love the population to become militant, so they could ‘legally’ annihilate us.

The next alleged spike, are you going into lockdown, are you going to miss your loved ones again.

Are you going to put up with the rules?

Covid 19 has never been isolated (nor has ANY other virus, EVER!).

PCR machines can not diagnose disease, at all (never mind that they are running cycles massively over what is was designed for).

Safe ‘vaccinations’ can never be developed in months, never mind years, especially when a disease has not been isolated.

Please read this article, which explains things much better than I could ever try:-

“Covid-19” = AIDS with emPHAsis

Also, talk about ‘hidden in plain sight’, here is a link to the UK’s Government own page, regarding Covid 19, from early 2020 and still there :-

High consequence infectious diseases (HCID)


Do you get the feeling that there are huge mind games going on around the world?

All sorts of people advising upon how to start dating and run your relationships, psychic claims and all sorts of other forms of mind control going on.

How have various dynasties, such as the Payseur family controlled much of this theatre of events throughout the last few centuries.

What really inspired new age thinking? Are hypnotists and mentalists affecting the way of life in the world. Is it all about money? Is astrology based on anything at all, i.e. is it written in the stars.

How are wars started, recession and inflation, control of industry and the money supply.

Well welcome to government mind control

Herd immunity

Is this a virus that will wipe out humanity or is this a plan by the elite to fuck us all?

The time has come to what do you believe and trust in others to govern you or your own conscience.


Many times it was predicted that there would come a time when we would be tested and challenged to take a side.

Best people who predicted this era?

This is the time no waiting for a prediction of 2030 2040 2050 climate change, is not the trigger it is happening now.

Check out more about Psychics :-


The governments of the world have certainly cold-read their people. Everyone knows someone with the cold, so they’ve all had covid-19?

Check out more about Cold Reading :-


Waiting for the vaccine

Check out more about Hypnotism :-


I’m going to tell you what to do and if you don’t do it, others will tell you

Safe distancing for a easily transmitted killer disease – why are we not in bubbles?

Check out more about Mentalism :-


This is a war between good and evil – take your side!

What better example of mind control by the government is going on now

Check out more about Mind Control :-


Whether you believe the Payseur Family History story or Fritz Springmeier’s account, is not really an issue. More to the point is how a very few historical families managed to take over and run the world. Whilst doing so, they have usurped the finances, labor and power of the masses, condemning them to ‘in perpetuity’ slavery.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, let me know of mistakes, mis-spellings, wrong translations, etc.., be pedantic, but maybe not on articles that are obviously just being developed.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a public comment, then email me at Christine@payseur.org

All the best,


Check out the entire Payseur Family History collection

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32 Responses to We Need A War

  1. Shannon Gay Cafagna says:

    I need $10,000.00 to get out of debt. Can you help me out?

    • Sorry Shannon, no can do!

      • Lynn Scott says:

        I thought there were no heirs of the Payseur family. Can you explain?

        • Hi Lynn,

          Louis, my grandfather answered this way:-

          There are many descendants of the Payseur family.

          Some still use the name, some have stopped using it and many have inherited their fathers’ surname (i.e. mother of Payseur descent).

          Lewis Cass Payseur had three daughters, but no sons, therefore they conspired to move the wealth into other patrilineal families, which are in the control of the overall oligarchy.

  2. Graham Abbott says:

    Dear Christine,

    I’d love to know why you’re sharing this about your family? It seems like a very noble and probably dangerous thing to do and I’d love to know more…

    With love and great respect,


    • How’s it going Graham, most of the work is done by my grandad, mum & uncle. I get to do some new-agey posts, when I get around to it, which ain’t gonna mess with anyone in serious control.

      • Graham Abbott says:

        I couldn’t access this site for a while. Thought it had been taken down just like the page explaining Lockstep 2010.

        It’s said that your family were one of the highest families within the Illuminati.

        Why now share how your family has been playing mind games for so long?

        • Welcome back Graham,

          Just search ‘Lockstep 2010’ and you’ll find a lot of info about it.

          Payseur’s were high and the power has been passed on to others.

          My immediate family have nothing to do with the ‘old’ family, but still want to get info out there, about how the way things are set up.

          • Graham Abbott says:

            Hello again Christine,
            I don’t get reminders on here so replies are only when I remember to check in.
            I was never into any new agey stuff, though after spending lots of time meditating to get over what the medical world labelled bipolar I got onto a spiritual journey which has led me to great realisations of the lost connections to oneself.
            It seems much of the old new age movement was also pushed along by the powers that be to move us even further away from the connection to the real self. What are your thoughts?
            With much love,

  3. Joseph says:

    From what you know, is Donald Trump against the NWO / Deep State? Or is he another puppet playing their political games?

    Why have you and your close family gone rogue from the rest of the family?

  4. Daedelus says:

    After all the events at the Capitol building in Washington, DC, your words can be seen as incitement for a coup. Please be careful.

    • Cheers Daedelus, armed response would be utterly futile, but there needs to be a ‘war’ for the ‘hearts and minds’ of the general population, who when they realize how they have been massively deceived, will immediately regain legal control of their lives.

      • Marcus Reum says:

        It’s true then, isn’t it? Part of the same deal Trump gave the Vatican, England, and D.C., was given to the rich and powerful?

        Coming clean was part of the Q plan the second their network connected all the dots, wasn’t it? (All rhetorical questions you can feel free to ignore).

        Brilliant, seeing as how these mind-numbingly blind sheep, who refuse to read their history or see the empirical facts around them that remove all doubt, it’s all just a matrix, would believe it coming from nobody else.

        Thanks for sharing, Mam.

  5. Pete Peterson says:

    Why would you be giving us this information if you are part of the payseur family?

    Not to accuse you of being evil or to discredit you, but I’m wondering why someone from such a powerful family would be giving us their information

    Thanks, Pete

    • Hi Pete,

      We’re not part of the main family, which by now has been absorbed into other dynasties.

      • Graham Abbott says:

        Interesting point of how families change and move on, or away.

        Last evening I was sharing with a friend a similar situation change. If my parents were out and out racists, it doesn’t buy nature mean that I am going to be a racist too.

        Change is after all one of the only constants in life.

      • Lynn Scott says:

        How do you know Donald Trump is a puppet?

        • Hi Lynn, because that is how things are done.

          Figureheads are installed to act out ‘the game’ and do as they’re told, whilst the agenda and decisions are made by the people who really have the power.

  6. Peggy J Goodson says:

    Does your family still own property around Gunther Mountain in Northeast Alabama? Specifically, a place off the mountain called ‘The Sinks” by local natives. There’s a graveyard there, but I’m not sure if any Payseurs are buried there. I suspect there are.

  7. Leo says:

    Hi Christine, I’d like to speak in private if possible.

    If the info is real and you are too.

    I respect you and thank you very much.

  8. Michelle says:

    All the honor to you. I believe it’s One world, one God, one Love for humankind’s future!
    The holy books give us a glimpse of the New Age messianic era about to come. I believe we will all soon volunteer to help raise the plight of the 3rd world as we enter an era of peace and love. This world will be a Garden of Eden again. No greed. No envy. No egos. It will be amazing. We will be in bliss naturally! All will be sorted out and cleaned up including our environment and our bodies. Health will be restored! We will all only hunger and thirst for TRUTH and GOD. Everyone will know that GOD IS ONE 😊😍🥰

    Sending you and your family abundant love and blessings from Israel.
    Soon all people will be unified and free !!
    All we need is love 💕

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