Christine Payseur – He Was A Sk8er Boi – See U L8er Boi


Hi Christine calling,

How are you all doing in these challenging times?

Pandemics, vaccines, wars – what next?

Don’t worry too much, you will all get through it.

School never interested me, I was a bit of a drop-out.

In the words of Avril Lavigne, why make everything so ‘Complicated’.

I’m an artist, dancer and life-model.

Daughter of Marie, niece of Daniel and granddaughter of Louis.

And don’t forget my lovely cousin Elizabeth, champion of the universe!

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Also, let me know of mistakes, mis-spellings, wrong translations, etc.., be pedantic, but maybe not on articles that are obviously just being developed.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to make a public comment, then email me at

All the best,


Payseur Family History
Fritz Springmeier – Bloodlines of Illuminati
The Rothschild Dynasty
The Disney Story

The above four links open a new tab in Louis Payseur’s site.

Well-Being & CBD Oil – Curated Presentation
Shopping & Clothing – Curated Presentation
Accessories – Curated Presentation

Text Links – Library Feed

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16 Responses to Christine Payseur – He Was A Sk8er Boi – See U L8er Boi

  1. Sascha Weber says:

    If your ancestors are the Rothschilds – do you speak the language of your ancestors at the beginning of your dynasty in Frankfurt/Main?

    Es steht jedem frei, seine eigene Dynastie zu gründen.

    It is everyone owns decision to establish his / her own dynasty.

  2. Sascha Weber says:

    Thank you for your reply. Please give me some time to read the information in the link. My English got a little worst after not using each day like one decade ago.
    Merovingian reminds me of the figure of “The Merovingian” in “Matrix Reloaded”? (The Mervingian was acted by Lambert Wilson.)
    A clue? … But to what?
    Who is the oldest documented ancestor in your family tree in reference to the Merovingian line?

    • Hi Sascha, some may say it goes back all the way to Jesus Christ and beyond, into the kings and rulers described in the Old Testament. Others might say the Frankish Kings of the 5th Century.

      • Sascha Weber says:

        Hi Christine, thank you for your reply. That is very interesting – that is out of question.
        But according to ongoing science it would be nice to know the complete Mother-line of ancestors …
        We receive our mitochondria only from our mothers. We also receive the bacteria of our biome from our mothers during pregnancy. So there is a much higher flow of information from mother to daughter/son and with each son this information-line will be interrupted during the journey of generations through time. Only daughters continue the initial line without interruption.
        What do you think?

  3. Mr S I Cameron says:

    Question is why is there/their so many sites of you/yalls and why am i here. do you know anything of Scotland** i know. what i would like to know is something else but i was randomly brought here. im thinking you are just a dude with a good idea abusing castles.

  4. Twitch Z says:


    I was recently told about your site, so figured I would check it out. Very informative, but why now? Centuries worth of power and wealth, why just now bring it to light? I do applaud you either way, and thank you for everything you have done.


    • Hi Twitch, still a lot more to come. If the current situation is not the time to get some truth out there, then I don’t know when it is. Also, as we’ve said before, we didn’t inherit any of the power or wealth.

  5. JPierce says:

    good morning
    Kudos to you, and yours for taking the lead in the info game provided here by your own doing & leisure, and mad respect for responding to all; which is rare…
    cool beans, love is the way -528hz
    Best Regards,

    • Thanks JP, Interesting, because I’ve just signed up to promote the MindVibrations site, which heavily features 528 Hz – awaiting approval, will post link if successful.

        • Jason Pierce says:

          C – thanks for the link!

          “Sound will be the medicine of the future.”
          ~ Edgar Cayce

          as it was in our ancient past. Here is my little side study link for fun for people that find their own way there
          https:/ /

          Frequency and Quantum Entanglement very super
          interesting stuff, so cool you love it too, especially with the release of med beds coming to the public, and the early release of similiar frequency-based efforts like https:/ /

          The lower frequency range of the alpha waves and the sound of planets
          “ If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency, and vibration. “ – Nikola Tesla

          Awaken is assisting the process of connecting the dots for all humanity -528
          All the Best Always…

          • Jason Pierce says:

            The 528… I had a person come up to me about 6 years ago and hand me a card and said to me “You are one of light, may your heart shine bright.”- 528. On the back of the card, it said “The world is only what you imagine it to be! If you can use your imagination, you can change the world!”

            “When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make teh earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the RAINBOW!” – Native Hopi Prophecy

  6. Steph says:

    Hi Christine,

    Have you attempted to recovering your family’s moneys, shares or assets from the Payseur fortune by bringing your case to court?

    How did your family get removed from the fortune since you’re direct descendant?

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