The Sovereign Integral – New Model Of Consciousness

In 1998, James Mahu released a mythological story on the internet called the WingMakers. It was released anonymously, as it was intended to have origins that itself were part of the story.

WingMakers had content that was philosophical, cosmological, poetic, shamanic, artistic, conspiratorial, extraterrestrial, interdimensional and psychological in nature. However, at its very core, it was its philosophy that connected everything else.

The core of its philosophy was the Sovereign Integral consciousness, which was brought to the surface through paintings, poetry, music, and a wide-ranging arc of writings that spanned five novels, epapers, interview transcripts and more.

James made some of his work available for purchase, in the form of open editions of his art in high quality published prints, his novels and music. He has, in every other way, remained a behind-the-scenes persona that to this day is unknown.

In 2020, he began to focus his writings and art on consciousness, the Sovereign Integral. In early 2022, he released his first nonfiction paper entitled: The Sovereign Integral, a New Model of Consciousness. This paper, more than anything else he has produced, defines his real work.


This paper – to the extent it is possible with words and images – describes the Sovereign Integral consciousness in more detail than any other publication. As James puts it: The paper is an “onramp” to this new model of consciousness, it does not attempt to be a path, road or highway.

James considers himself an artist with a philosophical orientation, and believes it is the responsibility of artists to describe the Sovereign Integral consciousness and embed it within human culture. To make it more real, tangible and equal to its human counterparts: soul and spirit.

The ability to decide, following discernment, is a skill that requires a willingness to be wrong. If we live on the wheel of faith, of staying on the side of the known, we may not hear the voice of the Sovereign Integral consciousness.

Light, traveling in the deep expanse of black space, is a metaphor for understanding a deeper version of truth that has no limits but time. Of expressing a willingness to bend around the walls and look at new models of existence, because it is a certainty that the ones we have applied thus far, are not working particularly well.

For those who identify with the term, Lightworkers, the Sovereign Integral is what you are. It turns out, every life form is. We are all lightworkers. A single exclusion and our light fades. But this is only our role in the dimensions of duality. We are also of a nondual nature and possibly, very possibly, we are an atom of the Unknowable.

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The subtitle of The Sovereign Integral paper: ”A New Model of Existence”, is descriptive of the purpose of this paper and website. It is introducing a state of consciousness and proposing how this consciousness, at a very basic level, functions in our three-dimensional reality.

It is not stating that one consciousness is better than another. It is simply stating that there is only one consciousness experienced by an infinite number of Sovereigns who manifest an infinite number of expressions for the one consciousness to absorb, learn from, and more than anything, experience duality.

James Mahu created the contemporary mythology called WingMakers and all of the artwork, writings, poetry, philosophy, novels, and music therein. This site is part of that mythology, but it is nonfiction as well, in as much as anything about the subjective consciousness can be real for all.

The more of us that hold this vision, the more expanded becomes the mesh between levels of consciousness. The very same levels of consciousness that have permitted our separation, are now beginning to shift and are permitting a view into the Integral state of consciousness.


There have been walls erected to inhibit our comprehension of who and what we are. All of us through time have created these labyrinth walls, collectively. In some ways, it is a work of art. In others it is the hardline of separation from an Integral feeling with all life.

We enter the worlds of duality and we separate from one another and ourselves. We experience this separateness within the body-ego. The term Sovereign Integral describes our coreness and essence.

This paper is dedicated to offering an onramp to this particular consciousness. To bend around the walls and see inside a new, possible model of existence. Not everyone is ready to accept the possibility that a Sovereign Integral consciousness even exists, inscrutable as it is to the scientific method.

It remains, however, attainable to any of us. It is not approached through spiritual methodologies, credible wayshowers, religion, or even personal spirituality. It is approached through pure philosophy. It is an invitation, and then a behavioral shift. It is a system of imaginative explorations, and then taking these explorations and expressing them within one’s life.

It is our mission to build a culture of consciousness untainted by the distortions of a Social Program that has gripped humanity for thousands upon thousands of years.

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Consciousness is the most important subject that is the least understood. Take a moment and think about this statement. We know more about the universe than a single consciousness. I do not equate the brain and its neural circuitry as a surrogate of consciousness.

They are distinct entities, having distinct capacities and purposes. The brain, inside a protective skull, analyzing and computing information of a single lifetime; and consciousness, which begins at the outer perimeter of self-knowledge like an expanding frontier, is an infinite, unbounded Sovereign, enmeshed in lifetimes and dimensions too numerous to enumerate.

Consciousness is elusive to the measurements and detections of science, because it is perfectly subjective. There is not one consciousness that shares a single identical experience with another.

Consciousness is unique to every life form. Every single one, giving consciousness the dubious distinction of being the most difficult thing to map or make explicit, due to the two halves of its reality: infinite complexity and perfect subjectivity.


Throughout history, cartographers tried to envision a map of the world. They used verbal reports from travelers and explorers or they, themselves, were the traveler and explorer. They transcribed these reports into maps that presented a vision of a territory. One could even call it a theory of the planet’s geographical face.

Tens of thousands of iterations were made mapping the earth, adding details like islands, mountain ranges, rivers, three-dimensional topography; making adjustments when new lands were discovered or conquered.

Today we have satellites, fractal geometry and powerful computers to make this fine-grain resolution available to anyone on the Internet. We need more cartographers to join the effort of mapping the face of consciousness, particularly artists.

Since the advent of modern-day science, religious scholars, psychologists, neurologists, biologists, physicists have debated the nature of consciousness. Some artists have tried to capture its invisible “face” – the entity behind our human face – using paint or dance or photography or music or film or writing.

Sometimes, perhaps by accident, they capture its imprint in our very human world. When they do, there can be a recognition that the artist and their work had sprung from a new source – a kind of inner reality that outlasts misunderstanding, and with a quiet, but resolute passion, it seeks to be understood.

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Understanding consciousness is decidedly undervalued in our culture. While our higher education systems provide diverse, philosophic opinion, and our religious teachings purport to know the nature of the human soul, consciousness remains defined by either an intellectual abstraction or the rounded words of poetry.

Interestingly, consciousness is not a real subject. There is no branch of human endeavor that is charged with the study and analysis of consciousness (again, I am not talking about the brain).

While I have repeatedly, even at this early onset, stated that consciousness and the brain are distinct; let me go one step further and make the distinction between consciousness and soul. The sum total of agreed-upon definitions of soul would fill one sentence.

Soul is generally thought to be our spiritual, eternal self. God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman, etc., is its creator. It may, through an unknown process, be created in the likeness of God. The soul, after death of the mortal coil, attains a heavenly state, if it abides by certain rules.

The afterlife – good or bad – is conditioned by the behaviors as a human being on earth. This is the general framework for the concept of soul.


Consciousness, on the other hand, is not the exclusive domain of any particular religious or spiritual organization. It is the one thing that is completely present and infinite, and therefore consciousness is inclusive of all things.

The shorthand version of consciousness, at least in my explorations, is that it is a synthesis of a Sovereign identity (self) and an Integral identity (whole). Thus, my term for consciousness is the Sovereign Integral.

The term, Sovereign Integral, was first brought out in 1998 when I launched the WingMakers website. It was an embedded definition in the philosophy papers of the initial release of materials, a relatively minor mention in an array of content that included music, artwork, philosophy, a novel and poetry, wrapped inside a mythological story.

In this paper, the Sovereign Integral is centerstage. It is the focus. It is presented not as a part of a mythology, but as the most real thing that exists. I want to stress that The Sovereign Integral is a nonfiction paper with radical subjectivity, as only consciousness can evoke.

You can substitute the word “consciousness” with the term “Sovereign Integral.” I use them interchangeably. It is simply a new face or facet of consciousness that this particular paper is proposing as an answer to the question, “Why is consciousness so elusive, and what is it, anyway?”

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