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Project Camelot: The best place to hide is out in the open.

In 2005 Kerry picked up a consumer-grade camcorder and began interviewing people on the subjects of UFOs, the paranormal and the secret space program.

During that time, I was also doing a great deal of research and writing ‘spec’ screenplays, including one on the Anunnaki. In my search for more information about the Anunnaki, I stumbled across the WingMakers website.

After reading everything there was on that site I became convinced that the story would make a phenomenal movie, so I set out to contact Mark Hempel (the webmaster) and James (the creator of the materials).

As Camelot has matured I have kept in touch with Mark and, via Mark, with James – and never lost sight of wanting to get the WingMakers made into a major motion picture. In the meantime, I have in the last year or so been asking Mark if we could do an interview for Project Camelot with James.

Many months passed, and from time to time I would renew my request. Finally, out of the blue, I got the following email from Mark saying that James was willing to do a written interview. I am therefore absolutely delighted to be able to present the following interview with James.

Some of the answers are quite extensive – so we’ve broken them down for better compehension.


Question 07 from Project Camelot:

Please address the subject of Ascension from your point of view (or that of those you are speaking for). What exactly is Ascension? How would you recommend that people view it and accommodate it in their spiritual awareness?

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Answer 07 from James:

To understand ascension it is necessary to understand its origins. The concept of ascension arose out of division and disconnection. Religion conceived that Source or God was outside the Self, living in some remote dimension of space, fully separated from the human condition.

Human beings were not really worthy of God, but religion, in its self-enlightened state, gave humans the concept of faith. By having faith, God will come down and save you from the human condition, provided, of course, that you have faith and apply His commandments.

Ascension came along, not so much from religion, but rather spiritual-mystic sources, and posited that humans did not need to be passive in the application of faith, but rather they could ascend to the Source. In other words, instead of waiting for God to come to you, you could go to God. Humans, under the proper tutelage of masters could learn how to ascend and attain the Godhood, and become a master of their own, serving God and His universe as an emissary of the Light.

Religion and spirituality really had the same idea, the only difference was that religion used passive faith while spirituality used active practices. The First Point of ascension is the yearning for a Source outside the Self, hence division and disconnection. Any First Point that begins in separation is pulled into the Human Mind System’s gravitational field and is lost in the deceptions therein.


Thus, ascension is not an aspect of the Sovereign Integral state. As written in my previous answer, you are here and always have been and always will be. There is no where to go outside of yourself to find yourself or God or Light or enlightenment or ascension.

Look at it this way, if you are self-contained, if the Sovereign Integral is indeed within you at all times, then where exactly do you need to ascend? It is realization, not ascension. And realization has, as its First Point, the unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness of Self in all life expressions.

While ascension’s First Point is: I am not equal to my Source, my Source is outside of me therefore I need to ascend to it in order to become a greater being more worthy of love and light.

Ascension is of the teacher-student ordering of the universe, residing within HMS. It defines the subtle aspects of self-deception that are caught-up in the spiritual belief systems of Earth and the interdimensional planes as well. If you believe you are in the process of ascending, ask yourself the questions:

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Where I am ascending to? How do I know that that endpoint is not of the Human Mind System? Are my mental pictures of ascension based on my own experience or have they been downloaded from the information and knowledge systems of humanity – in the other words, the unconscious domain?

All of the energy, efforts, attention and learning that are placed on the ascension process are a diversion from your own realization of the Sovereign Integral. It is as if you have pursued a shadow in favor of the substance. The ascension pathway is ensconced in the comforts of gurus and masters – both physical and interdimensional – that supposedly support your journey into the Light and Love of God.

Along this journey you see how it absolves you of responsibility related to this world’s real conditions of hunger, inequality, rape, war, abuse, servitude, illness, racism and a hundred other maladies. The absolution comes in the form of your journey itself. The diversion. The separation.

Realization of the Sovereign Integral consciousness is realization of one’s True Self as present in everyone else. You see the condition of the human family as your own, and your condition as one with everyone else. You are in the moment, engaged in the dismantling of the HMS, knowing that as you do this, you are invoking the Sovereign Integral consciousness to manifest on Earth in a human instrument where there is complete and unconditional transparency and therefore expansion.


Question 8 from Project Camelot:

Regarding the race of beings you consider yourself to be speaking for and a representative of, and here I must admit I consider myself as a member of this group, but for the sake of our viewers, please answer briefly if you would, the following for those who may not know the WingMakers material:

What planet and/or time are they from?

Do they have a physical presence here?

What is your own current mission here on Earth?

Have they contacted or communicated with other humans as they have done yourself?

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Answer 08 from James:

It has been almost exactly ten years since the website was first launched on the web. The first materials were designed to activate certain people to the Sovereign Integral consciousness. This consciousness cannot be contained in the historical contexts of soul, atma, spirit, or anima, it needed to be redefined because the soul construct was part of the God, Spirit, Soul Complex (as defined in Question One), and therefore was part of the Human Mind System.

Very few people realized this consciously. In effect, for the past ten years the Sovereign Integral was introduced tepidly and allowed to simmer on the back burner of the WingMakers and Lyricus websites. In this new era of transparency the Sovereign Integral will be elevated to a new level of vividness and accessibility.

Those of us involved in the WingMakers and Lyricus are focused on introducing the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness and providing support to those interested in realizing this consciousness as their Self.

We believe that the human family is programmed to believe what it is fed via the information and knowledge systems of the world and that these systems stimulate and excite the Human Mind System ensuring that the individual becomes lost in division and disconnection.


In terms of where the WingMakers derive from, it is not important. We are you and you are us. That is all. The manifested world of Earth and humanity and all of Nature, is one layer of the “Onion”. There is also an interdimensional domain that is composed of innumerable layers – and within these layers reside life forms within life forms within life forms. Its complexity and breadth is not translatable into human language.

The beings that exist in the manifested, three-dimensional universe are human and only human. The beings that exist within the other “layers” are interdimensional beings that are not manifested in the physical domain, but all of the beings, whether human/physical, or non-human/interdimensional are part of the Sovereign Integral consciousness.

Now, I’m well aware that this disclosure, for many people, stretches their HMS to the point of discomfort and apprehension. The HMS cannot grapple easily with these concepts as they are outside of its patterns of conception, but all you have to do is practice the Quantum Pause, apply the Six Heart Virtues in your local universe, and observe through the eyes of the Sovereign Integral

The quantum presence that is deep within you, that has no programming, no agenda, no deception, no purpose. It is simply itself: expressing oneness, equality and truthfulness unconditionally in every breath.

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Question 09 from Project Camelot:

If you have any information regarding the various differing agendas of the main races of beings that are monitoring, assisting, interacting with, taking advantage of, or manipulating the situation here on Earth, please address this to the best of your ability.


Answer 09 from James:

As you may have surmised in my previous answer, the number of beings in existence is infinite, and yet, if you read carefully, I did say that humans are the only three-dimensionally manifested beings in the universe. Those beings that are non-human can operate within the three-dimensional manifest world, but generally their bodies are not well suited to our density, and they will perish if they don’t return to their native dimension.

The agenda of those who are the prison guards is focused on one thing: To conceal the view of the prison walls through directing the attention of the Human Mind System into entertainment venues that stimulate their senses. Those who are susceptible to this diversion go about their lives completely unaware that they are bumping into the prison walls in every moment of their life.

Those who have a different resonance, whose Wholeness Navigator has been awakened and they are led by it, they are all about deepening their perceptions of the prison walls. They are sensing the walls in their every waking moment. In doing this, they do not fear the walls, they do not fear the guards, and they do not fear those whom the guards serve. Their process of realization is sensing the prison walls in every breath so they can dismantle them brick by brick.

The beings inside the prison are both human and interdimensional; the prison is of the physical and interdimensional worlds. It encompasses both. It is not as if humans are in the prison and then upon death they break out and go directly to an enlightened state enjoying the fruits of heaven.

No, the consciousness that you express in this world will accompany you into the next dimension. A human is equally capable of leaving the prison as an entity in the interdimensional domain; remember equality and oneness is not a condition of environment or vibratory domain.

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