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Project Camelot: The best place to hide is out in the open.

In 2005 Kerry picked up a consumer-grade camcorder and began interviewing people on the subjects of UFOs, the paranormal and the secret space program.

During that time, I was also doing a great deal of research and writing ‘spec’ screenplays, including one on the Anunnaki. In my search for more information about the Anunnaki, I stumbled across the WingMakers website.

After reading everything there was on that site I became convinced that the story would make a phenomenal movie, so I set out to contact Mark Hempel (the webmaster) and James (the creator of the materials).

As Camelot has matured I have kept in touch with Mark and, via Mark, with James – and never lost sight of wanting to get the WingMakers made into a major motion picture. In the meantime, I have in the last year or so been asking Mark if we could do an interview for Project Camelot with James.

Many months passed, and from time to time I would renew my request. Finally, out of the blue, I got the following email from Mark saying that James was willing to do a written interview. I am therefore absolutely delighted to be able to present the following interview with James.

Some of the answers are quite extensive – so we’ve broken them down for better compehension.


Question 24 from Project Camelot:

You say that the enlightenment of the past, embodied in experiences of Samadhi and such by great teachers such as Christ, Buddha and others did not actually take them into true contact with their true nature, outside the HMS, and therefore they did not escape the prison of the HMS, and they did not experience this state of direct knowing of ones true nature as a god or First Source…

Therefore, who was the member of the human family who did attain this realization?

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Answer 24 from James:

The spiritual masters who have become the symbolic leaders of religious institutions like Christianity and Buddhism, to name two, are among the forerunners of humanity. They were the spiritual explorers and activists of their time and culture, and were, and are, deeply committed to the spiritual life, infusing humanity with their hard-earned wisdom. In their era, they came to the outer walls of the prison (the Human Mind System) by breaking through many of the previous fortifications and distractions that held their fellow man.

They had the conviction of their destiny, their blueprint, and they were exemplars of their time. Their motives were pure and they brought new perspective to the human condition that enabled a quickening in the direction of the Sovereign Integral. But the distance between human beings in the era of Jesus and Buddha, and the experience of the Sovereign Integral were insurmountable.

The human instrument was not prepared for this interaction and experience. However, the direction could be established, the head trail could be set forth, and a crude map developed for later generations of spiritual explorers.

Remember, we are all facets of the human experience, and return lifetime after lifetime, renewing our indoctrination in the Human Mind System, but simultaneously, one or more of our kind, penetrates a deeper region of our collective prison, and returns to write or speak about it.


Their observations and experiences become part of our Genetic Mind or unconscious, and these can have profound meaning to our specie overall because the human family – every one of us – has access to this field of consciousness.

But the steps we take, in the direction of the Sovereign Integral, are small, sometimes indistinguishable, in the context of a single lifetime. The eras in which we live determine our self-expressions, our definitions, and our beliefs. We are always in the process of the next evolution, as determined by the Genetic Mind, the Earth/Nature element, and the interdimensional beings that interact with humanity. Behind all of this, is First Source, who masterfully draws humanity to itself, one individual at a time.

With that context, I hope it is clear that Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu or Mohammed or Saint Germaine or any other master of their era, was on the spiritual frontier, deep in the territory of the higher Mind, which unto itself is so vast as to make the physical universe seem like a grain of sand. The entrance to the non-polarity realms was not nearly as accessible as it is in this era. There were no bridges to cross over, no portals open and operating; it was literally a wilderness without trails or paths.

And so, these spiritual explorers, as great as they were, as deep as they journeyed into the Heavenly realms, few of them touched the true essence of our highest nature – in that lifetime in which they became identified with a religion or spiritual path. The parallel for this exists in science as well.

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Look at Newton, the greatest scientific explorer of his era, and yet today, we know that his framework was deeply flawed. Was he deluded? No, he was operating in his era at the highest level based on the Genetic Mind. Even now, in our era, Einstein’s contributions are being called into question by 21st century physicists and cosmologists.

Just as science is constantly redefining the Universe, spiritual explorers are constantly redefining the God-Spirit-Soul Complex. The layers of knowledge are near infinite in both cases, and, at their core, have mathematical counterparts at an octave that humanity has yet to even imagine, let alone discover.

Thus, any suggestion that I perceive the achievements and contributions of humanity’s spiritual or scientific explorers as lacking or deceptive is only a result of not understanding the larger context of time and the depth of the “onion” we are collectively “peeling” – in both the scientific and spiritual dimensions.


Question 25 from Project Camelot:

And how is this realization different from that attained by Buddha, Jesus or other ‘masters’ commonly recognized within the human family? Is not saying one is a Sovereign Integral and therefore First Source identical to saying one is God and enlightened or ‘at one’?

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In the stillness, purposelessness, and emptiness of you, everything exists. And yet, isn’t this precisely what human beings fear most? In the absolute center of who you are, where the void is, do you not fear this? Perhaps it would be accurate to say that this is the origin of fear itself.

An irony wouldn’t you say, that the Sovereign Integral, that which most clearly defines you, is feared by you. Why do you suppose this is? Why would you fear the void and emptiness that is you? Why would you refuse to look through the portal of your human instrument and perceive without the mind in attendance?

This is precisely why human beings are addicted to spiritual propaganda. They fear the still-point in which they exist because they have been programmed by their HMS, and accepted it as truth: what is the void – is but death and non-existence.

Thus, they search for the beautiful, the harmonious, the spiritual vistas of higher worlds, the descriptions of peace and love, angelic presences, the experience of oneness and beauty, but they do not want to go through the gateway of emptiness to get there because emptiness is death and non-existence of the mind. And the mind is what they have come to believe is them.

I am not suggesting that Jesus or Buddha did not possess this insight. They most certainly did and do. In a way, each of us possess this insight through the Genetic Mind, but very few who have walked this planet in a human form have achieved this insight based upon experience and not simply abstractions of words or symbols from the Genetic Mind.


Jesus manifested on Earth to teach humans of his era that death was not real. That God was not out there, but within the individual – every individual was equal in their standing; that the human race was a victim of enslavement to the Money Power Grid, and until humanity would rise up in the self-expression of its spiritual nature, it would remain a puppet of the powerful. And so it has.

From the very beginning, the insight of the Sovereign Integral is a reflection of the era in which we live. As First Beings, the Sovereigns created a mind – a vessel in which separation could occur – and from that moment, individuality was born. Over billions upon billions of years, the Sovereigns of the Mind, created the universe as we know it.
They created the dimensions of the higher mind, and this mind creation gradually manifested creations of a lower mind. It was within the vibratory field of the lower mind that the Sovereigns began to lose their memory of their existence as First Beings.

They would look at the worlds of creation and wonder, “Who created this universe? Who was behind this magnificent and magical world?” And yet it never occurred to the Sovereigns that it was they who created the universe, and whose very reflection is Nature itself.

And so the Sovereigns began to create a God – or the concept of a Supreme Being – as the one behind creation. God was the creator of all in Nature throughout the multiverse, and Sovereigns became diminished of power, and their sense of responsibility to Nature was also reduced.

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This concept of God, separate from us, was thus born. As Sovereigns divided into races of interdimensional beings, they developed a near-infinite diversity of creations, only the tiniest fraction of which is known to humanity through symbols and fragments of stories, and most of these, if they are even remembered, are not believed anymore, as the rational mind has emptied these stories into the wastebasket of mythology.

Then, Anu’s forefathers appeared, and with them, the creation of the human instrument began. Though it was crude, when compared to modern-day humans, the human instrument of this era was nonetheless brilliantly conceived.

When Anu began to create the next evolution of the human instrument, he realized how Sovereigns were forgetful of their origins and had consigned creation to a Supreme Being. The Sovereigns that had become the interdimensional beings known as the Atlanteans, were perfect choices to power the human instruments that Anu was creating, for the Atlanteans, despite their spiritual prowess, were inexperienced with deception. And this, I might add, is a theme worth noting: the spiritually focused are often the most easily manipulated because of their innate sense of trust.

The Atlanteans, through the trickery of Anu, were seduced into inhabiting the human instrument, and the Sovereigns became humans. However, not every Atlantean was captured and subjected to the process of human enslavement, there were some, who predicted the outcome of the human project that Anu was executing and they fled within a dimensional “pocket” upon Earth, deep within what is now called the Atlantic ocean.

It was these Atlanteans that became known in mythological terms as the Elohim or Shining Ones, and these are the same as we know today as the WingMakers. These beings have been watching the human family since its initial footsteps on a densifying planet called Earth, millions of years ago.


They have been the benevolent resource to humanity because they are human in every sense except they do not have the HMS programs and systems or the human instrument that distract and divert the Sovereigns within the human instrument from realizing they are present.

And how are the Sovereigns present? In every breath that brings life to the human instrument. It is the breath in which the Sovereign’s presence dwells. There is a saying within Lyricus that If you’re not in your breath, you’re in your mind. It’s well understood that this is an abstract concept to the Human Mind System, but the Sovereigns live in the intersection of life and Nature, which is the breath.

The WingMakers are not the guides, angels, ascended masters, or gods that exist within the dimensions of the Human Mind System. They live within the interdimensional fields of the higher mind, and like wise elders to the human family they provide the paradigms of the Sovereign Integral and Grand Portal. They focus exclusively on these two paradigms because from these come the First Point that enables the individual to dissolve the programs that conceal the one, the equal, and the truthful from itself.

The WingMakers coined the term Sovereign Integral to encode the meaning that what exists within the pathways of one’s breath is more than a physical body composed of a circuitry of feelings and thoughts. The greatest of the spiritual explorers realized this and have understood that the human soul would be redefined in every era, and while it would appear to change, it always remains the constant awareness of both the infinite and the finite, and the real and the unreal.

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One can read this interview and walk away feeling that an existential aura has been placed around them. That their concepts of God, Spirit, Soul, and everything affiliated, which they have been taught or elected to believe, has been challenged. Even those who have followed the WingMakers materials with dedication will find that I have changed the footing of those materials somewhat in this disclosure.

If you have ever ventured to an exotic destination, one that is culturally unlike your own, you’re well aware that when you are in the airplane, flying over your destination, you really have not experienced the culture yet, no matter how much you have studied it in advance.

When you arrive at your hotel, you remain outside of the culture, though you can see the differences in the plants and animals, the architecture and buildings, and the people on the streets, but still, you remain outside of the culture as an observer, and not a participant.

Only when you learn the language of the people, when you meet the people in their own dwellings – homes, shops, cafes, sports arenas, schools, churches – do you really begin to understand the culture. This is analogous to the bridgework between the GSSC and the Sovereign Integral. There is nothing more exotic or out of the ordinary than the language and dwellings of the Sovereign Integral, and the deeper you travel into this land, the stranger it will seem.

If I disclosed all of what is there in 1998, or even today, ten years later, the bridge would only carry a handful of people. It would seem a rickety and dangerous bridge to cross over, and many who would be curious or tempted would be talked out of crossing because it was just too strange.


And so the bridge was constructed to meet certain people where they lived and how they believed. Those who resonated with the key terms and definitions, or an element of poetry, or music, or art, they found a texture, or structure that gave them a sense of connection, a sense of curiosity, and it was enough to bring them onto the bridge.

To use my previous metaphor, they are now landing at the “airport.” They are seeing the exotic land of the Sovereign Integral from their airplane seat, looking out of a small, glass window into a vast, new world. Remember, the First Point, as you step from the plane, is your breath, your heart and the virtues of its wisdom, as this is not a destination where the language is anything more than breath and virtuous self-expression. It is this simple.

I realize there will be those who will read this interview and a hundred more questions will flutter about them, perhaps only two or three will really matter in the moment, but the desire for more information and knowledge is a powerful addiction of the HMS.

I would advise that you turn your attention from the acquisition of information and knowledge, and apportion it to the application of the heart virtues to yourself and all others within your local multiverse, and then simply listen to your breath, and each time you turn your attention to your breath, lean a little closer to the Being inside you, in the centermost point of your existence.

Feel this bond strengthening and have the conviction that any walls that have been placed between you, or will be placed between you, will be torn down. If your focus is there, you will find access to everything, including the language of the Sovereign Integral and how to reawaken its culture within you, and live among its dwelling places. It is the era of transparency and expansion.

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