The Sovereign Integral Camelot 07

Project Camelot: The best place to hide is out in the open.

In 2005 Kerry picked up a consumer-grade camcorder and began interviewing people on the subjects of UFOs, the paranormal and the secret space program.

During that time, I was also doing a great deal of research and writing ‘spec’ screenplays, including one on the Anunnaki. In my search for more information about the Anunnaki, I stumbled across the WingMakers website.

After reading everything there was on that site I became convinced that the story would make a phenomenal movie, so I set out to contact Mark Hempel (the webmaster) and James (the creator of the materials).

As Camelot has matured I have kept in touch with Mark and, via Mark, with James – and never lost sight of wanting to get the WingMakers made into a major motion picture. In the meantime, I have in the last year or so been asking Mark if we could do an interview for Project Camelot with James.

Many months passed, and from time to time I would renew my request. Finally, out of the blue, I got the following email from Mark saying that James was willing to do a written interview. I am therefore absolutely delighted to be able to present the following interview with James.

Some of the answers are quite extensive – so we’ve broken them down for better compehension.


Question 17 from Project Camelot:

Would you consider yourself to be a time traveler, having returned in order to help guide the planet through this transition? Would you view any other great teachers or world figures from this perspective?

Answer 17 from James:

Like everyone else embodied in a human instrument, living in these times, I am both my sovereign Self and I am First Source. I am more aware of this state than some, but this is the only difference.

I am one of those who has been exposed to life outside the prison, and I have returned not with descriptions of the “other side” but with encoded works, techniques, and behavioral systems that can help people form alignments with their preternatural Self, and move into the new era of transparency and expansion with greater ease.

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Question 18 from Project Camelot:

Our philosophy is that hiding in plain sight is wisest… or, in other words, the best place to hide is out in the open. You have chosen to remain hidden and largely anonymous.

Would you explain the philosophy that lies behind this, your experience with the Powers that Be and their surveillance of you and your work and what circumstances or conditions might motivate you into coming forward in person in the future?


Answer 18 from James:

My anonymity is not an expression of hiding from the Powers that Be. I am an infinite being just as you and everyone else. My reason for anonymity is due to my desire to let the works stand on their own, without the handiwork of personality or image, as I am not an image or personality. Besides, the Powers that Be know who I am and how to find me if they are ever inclined to do so.

My role, as single-pointed as it may seem, is to re-introduce the Sovereign Integral to humanity. It is an encoded word concept that has many, many layers to it. Some people will immediately resonate with the concept it contains, not really knowing why or what the word means.

While it was introduced ten years ago through the website, it was only disclosed at a certain level. Now, through this communication, and those that will follow, a new layer of its meaning has been revealed.

The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of expansion, uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter. It is the portal through which the individual can experience First Source in unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness. It is not the soul or spirit. It is not God. It is not affiliated with the God-Spirit-Soul Complex.

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It is outside of this construct of the Human Mind System. And this is precisely why it can be a challenge to understand what the Sovereign Integral is, and why it requires significant preparation to experience its incomparable qualities and dimensional expressions.

The Sovereign Integral is outside of the prison, and yet it does, due to its infinite nature, encompass the prison. As an encompassing element of the human body it is as near as your breath, circulating within your human instrument, yet it remains in its own quantum existence in emptiness and stillness.

I know that the description of emptiness seems unfulfilling, and to some, a bit frightful, but the emptiness I speak of is simply that it is empty of illusion – the deceptions and separations of the Human Mind System.

In closing, since this was your last question, I want to add that I realize my answers to this set of questions may cause a sense of being lost in some people – perhaps not at first, but over the days and weeks ahead, you might come to this place in your process. I want to assure you that this is normal.


This feeling of being lost is a consequence of letting go of the things that bind you to your Human Mind System, and anything that cuts these threads that bind you, that asserts that your extensive, multi-lifetime beliefs have been based on programs of deception, is a very hard thing to accept without a sense of loss or a feeling of being lost.

All I can tell you is that for some of you, when you feel you have gone astray – uneasy in your every thought and feeling – you are the closest to being found. Let this recognition comfort you.

The realizations of the Sovereign Integral come in waves for most people, they are like layers being peeled, one at a time, that gradually allow the full realization, and when this realization may occur for each of you is a thing best left in the mystery. You will not know when it will arrive, but in the new era, the conditions are favorable and the process is quickening with preparations like Quantum Pause.

Please be patient with your process. Within Lyricus we call this process The Origin Point because when it occurs you experience yourself outside of the Human Mind System and you feel your Self has returned to its origin, but of course it has never left, it only feels like a return when you are transitioning from the Human Mind System to the Sovereign Integral, and this sense of return only lasts a split second until the truth is fully recovered.

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For those of you who have followed the works of, and, you may be wondering why my answers are so direct and come from a different geometry than my previous works. There are several reasons: one is that we are in a new time, the era of transparency and expansion is underway and it is colliding with the Elite agenda.

Another reason is that the questions that Kerry and Bill have asked have never been asked of me in a public forum before, so you are hearing about some of this material for the first time as a result. And finally, as part of my personal undertaking to reveal the next level of the Sovereign Integral, it is necessary to strip off some of the rounded edges of the bridging that was invested in the original version of the concept.

Each of you must ask yourself the questions: Who would I be if masters, or God, or Light, or an extraterrestrial savior did not exist? What would I do if I was all of these in my world? It is time to take responsibility for your self. To rise up and embody the oneness, equality and truthfulness of who you are, because you cannot stand behind a Supreme Being or Master and truly express the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

The bottom line is that all of this empire of deception, what I have been referring to as a prison, had to be created in order to enslave humans without them knowing they were enslaved. And all of the work that has been done since Anu’s first enslavement of humanity has been deception because humans would never have gone along without it being this way, and Anu and the Elite knew this as a certainty.

First Source is re-activating itself within the human family, you can have the condition of forgetfulness, but it is not forgetting. You have not forgotten.


Question 19 from Project Camelot:

Who was Anu, and what was his purpose, and why?

Answer 19 from James:

Anu ascended to kinghood of the Anunnaki as a result of his superior resourcefulness and manipulative mind, which launched him into “Savior” standing of his race, which he came to see as his natural birthright throughout the dimensions of his creation. By nearly all human definition, Anu is God.

Anu’s purpose is multi-faceted and problematic to pin down because it really depends on which timespace coordinates you make your assessments from. In one coordinate, you can say that his relative genius provided him a measure of Godhood, and yet, in a different coordinate, you could say he was Satan, and the truth is, he is both, again, by human definition.

Among the interdimensional planes of existence, where entities or beings exist as individual expressions of First Source, there are races of beings that exist in different vibrational densities. There are numerous different races and just as in Nature, there is a natural selection process that determines which species will attain a dominant position among the various races.

The Anunnaki are the race of beings that rose to prominence within the interdimensional planes and it was their king, Anu, who foresaw the process that would catapult himself into Godhood. This story is told a hundred different ways in various mythologies, but Anu is worshipped as God upon this planet by those who are sincere, and yet unaware of the origin of the God concept.

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Anu’s purpose, as it pertains to humanity, was to create a physically manifested race of beings that he could control. It was his creation impulse that led him to pursue Godhood and to be worshipped by his creation, but he knew that this could only transpire if he were able to enslave the true nature of humanity within a human instrument that was fitted with the Human Mind System and its various sub-systems.

The impulse to be a Creator-God was a facet of Anu’s supremely gifted mind, which was an outgrowth of his genetic encoding, as he was able to conceive of this out of the requirement to save his race and civilization. It was only tens of thousands of years after the Anunnaki’s initial experiments in human genetics, when the human race was well underway, that the human expression began to become one of the key obsessions of other interdimensional races.

This obsession created the various mythologies of extraterrestrials that lived on other planets just like humans and used spacecraft to visit Earth – some benevolent, some not so kindly. However, as I mentioned earlier, the human race is truly the only life form of its kind in the entire universe.

Anu understood the essence of beings, and with this understanding, he used it to manipulate. He knew that all beings, at their core essence, were encoded to serve. There is this natural infusion within the Sovereign Integral to serve the oneness of all beings, however, as Anu realized, this inborn aspiration to serve, was also a weakness that could be exploited – exploited in the sense that beings can be manipulated into suppression without them knowing it.


The mythology of gold, being the purpose in which Anu manifested this entire system of creation, is only the surface motive. It was a much broader agenda that Anu aspired to: it was being God to all beings – interdimensional and dimensional (human) – and seizing the power to control the fate of a planet, race, group, or individual that is bestowed to the one who created the system. Anu believed, or perhaps, rationalized, that he merely provided human and interdimensional beings with a fulfillment to serve God.

In response to your question, why did Anu do this? It was simply power, but not power as we might think of it in relation to a corporate CEO or president of a country, no, this was a power that was far-reaching and included entire races and planets, but even that was not the reason.

The motivation was more subtle: it was to enslave the Sovereign Integral consciousness, knowing that it was more powerful, more intelligent, and more aware than even Anu. This was the true motive of Anu – to control that which was greater than he.

It is these systems of control, “stacked” one on top of another, that ultimately slowed down the perception of time, and, in a sense, enabled Anu to operate in an entirely different time. This difference in time enabled him to move ahead of other races and control the outflow of events like a cosmic puppet-master.

Other races were then disadvantaged as they were the recipients of events and not the creators thereof. They were behind the creation-flow always struggling to keep up, to figure it out, while, in a sense, Anu was a thousand miles ahead, calculating his moves that other races would encounter in a completely different time.

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