The Sovereign Integral Camelot 08

Project Camelot: The best place to hide is out in the open.

In 2005 Kerry picked up a consumer-grade camcorder and began interviewing people on the subjects of UFOs, the paranormal and the secret space program.

During that time, I was also doing a great deal of research and writing ‘spec’ screenplays, including one on the Anunnaki. In my search for more information about the Anunnaki, I stumbled across the WingMakers website.

After reading everything there was on that site I became convinced that the story would make a phenomenal movie, so I set out to contact Mark Hempel (the webmaster) and James (the creator of the materials).

As Camelot has matured I have kept in touch with Mark and, via Mark, with James – and never lost sight of wanting to get the WingMakers made into a major motion picture. In the meantime, I have in the last year or so been asking Mark if we could do an interview for Project Camelot with James.

Many months passed, and from time to time I would renew my request. Finally, out of the blue, I got the following email from Mark saying that James was willing to do a written interview. I am therefore absolutely delighted to be able to present the following interview with James.

Some of the answers are quite extensive – so we’ve broken them down for better compehension.


Question 20 from Project Camelot:

If the WingMakers are the Central Race and the Central Race are the creator gods or Elohim, then is the RA Material and subsequent channelings of, for example, Wynn Free and others who say they are channeling the Elohim, deluded as part of the GSSC or are they indeed channeling the WingMakers or First Source?

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Answer 20 from James:

Let me answer your question with an analogue. Let’s say I brought you into a room that was completely dark – not a single photon existed in this room, but I was aware that there was a dial inside the room and I knew, from experience, where it was. As I turned the dial, it emitted photons of light from a point source into the room focused with a precision I controlled.

If I turned the dial up the number of photons increased to such an extent that you would begin to see objects in the room, very dimly at first, but nevertheless, you would see that the room was not a black void, but rather, consisted of objects that were present in the room, even though you didn’t yet know what the objects were.

Now, if I focused the photon emitter to a specific object, and turned up the dial high enough, you would see that it was the human soul. If I turned the dial up even further and diffused the photons in a wider pattern, you would see the God-Spirit complex infusing the human soul like a circulatory system.

If I continued to turn the dial up, releasing more photons into the room, you would see that there were objects, far in the distant background, behind the God-Spirit-Soul Complex, and yet these objects were even more dimly illuminated and mysterious in their expressions.


The objects that stand behind, so dimly lit as to remain unknown, are the Sovereign Integral and its collective expression: First Source. The God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC) exists in this room, and is the first object to be illuminated by the light. In the faint light of a few thousand photons, the GSSC becomes subject to interpretation by thousands, if not millions, of spiritual explorers. No one sees it clearly enough to define it definitively, and therefore the interpretations persist from one era to the next.

If I turned the photon emitter to the objects in the distance, and turned up the dial, the viewer would now perceive that the Sovereign Integral is unconnected to the God-Spirit-Soul Complex, and that the GSSC is something that actually suppresses or obscures the view of the Sovereign Integral.

It is impossible to turn the light on the Sovereign Integral without also illuminating its suppression by the GSSC, but this does not mean that those who transmit the GSSC are deluded or insincere. It only means that in the deeper reality of the Sovereign Integral, the GSSC is revealed to be a form of suppression and it is not connected in any substantive way to either the Sovereign Integral or First Source.

Bridges are being built from the GSSC to the Sovereign Integral because there are individuals that are aware of the Sovereign Integral state at an unconscious level, and they are constructing bridges from the GSSC to this deeper reality unaware as to the ultimate destination of their bridge.

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Now, to your specific question. Those who are channeling are not conscious of the specific source from which their information arises. Channeling is a Human Mind System insert and its original source may be unknown, undisclosed, or falsely attributed. It is not from the Sovereign Integral state nor that of First Source, as this information would not be transmittable in words or images. Whenever you see words and images, you must know that they arise from within the HMS, and, yes, that includes these words.

Those who try to build bridges from the HMS to the Sovereign Integral state have no choice but to use words, sounds, techniques, technologies, and images to inspire human beings to embrace this new era of transparency and expansion. Because these “bridges” express with the tools of the HMS, even when they try to reveal the “deeper objects in the room,” they are only able to reveal the general shape and outline.

This is all part of the transition process, but as I have always said, be prepared to jettison your beliefs – see them as disposable – for they are not appendages of the Sovereign Integral, because beliefs are from the mind and only of the mind.


Question 21 from Project Camelot:

Although you say that there is no ascension in the traditionally understood sense of the term, however, you do say we are moving into an era of transparency and expansion where the forces of the Collective System are failing… and where Sovereign Integral consciousness is more accessible.

What is causing this change in the era… where we have, as you say, reached the top of the pyramid of manifested life? In a sense, if the HMS is a labyrinth or matrix of deception that extends throughout the known Universe or multiverse…, which might also be called a Game, then in essence self-realization of our true nature as a Sovereign Integral or First Source, is stepping outside the game/matrix results in game over or oneness?

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Ascension is not an individual process because the individual is not separate from its core essence, nor does it require an intermediary to reacquaint it with this essence, what I’ve been referring to throughout this interview as the Sovereign Integral. What the individual truly requires is to become disentangled from the artifice of the Human Mind System, and all this requires is the evolving awareness that is born and sustained during the Quantum Pause, or its equivalent.

The cause behind the era of transparency and expansion is multi-faceted, but let me speak to its purpose before I suggest its cause, as they are always related. The purpose of this new era is the transfer of knowledge, relative to the Sovereign Integral, so that humanity can begin living – through authentic self-expression – the behaviors of the Sovereign Integral here on Earth.

In other words, the deceptions that have persisted in this world, the systems of cover-up, will be gradually dissolved, and as this macro-process unfolds in parallel with the individual knowledge transfer, First Source may inhabit the dimensional worlds for the First Time.

This has been referred to in various spiritual texts as “Heaven on Earth”. In Lyricus we refer to this as the Grand Portal, but while the precise meaning may be different, the general event is the same.

Now, as to its cause, the era of transparency and expansion is an outgrowth of the Sovereign Integral’s natural presence; benevolent interdimensional Beings; the transformation of Earth/Nature in terms of timespace; and the portal into the interdimensional realms which has been opening up in the past ten years. Let me take these one at a time.


The Sovereign Integral exists here and now, an infinite Being hidden in what some would call the finite human body-mind system or human instrument. Within this presence, the Quantum Presence, there is a quantum-level connection between all life expressions, and it is through this connection that transformation – of the whole – is possible.

As more individual expressions align to First Source, and dedicate their self-expression as an outflow from the Sovereign Integral, this new awareness and capability transfers to all life. In other words, the Quantum Presence transmits, and as it transmits, it transforms the whole. To be sure, this is a process and takes eons of time, but it is now reaching a critical mass within Earth, Nature and humanity.

Analogous to this is the use of the Genetic Manipulation System (GMS) by other interdimensional entities who, unlike Anu, have a benevolent purpose. Remember, I stated earlier in the interview that the GMS is an open system, and it was for this reason that other interdimensional beings were so interested in humanity.

Those beings referred to as the Greys are, but one example. Within the known multiverse, the human instrument is unique, and it is for this reason that other races have such an obsession with its qualities and capabilities.

These interdimensional races use spaceships as the means through which they cross vibrational domains. In other words, it is not space they are traversing, as we think of space; rather, it is negotiating vibrational densities for which they use their spaceships.

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If they stay for extended periods in our vibrational domain, they will manifest and become visible to our senses, and if they are manifested for extended periods of time, they will be unable to return to their dimension. This is due to our gravitational fields and the subtle differences between the two domains of existence.

Some of these interdimensional beings, those who have become materialized, have moved into underground bases, or, in some instances, have transformed their physical bodies to allow them to integrate reasonably well into human society.

Curiosity in the human condition is the principle reason that UFOs and extraterrestrial influence and interaction exist. Humanity has been examined and investigated like no other specie, and while Anu was very clear that other races could investigate, they were not to influence.

However, there were certain beings that were not beholden to Anu, and operated independently of the Anunnaki and their allies, and here I am referring directly to the WingMakers.

The GMS is connected to the unconscious region of the Human Mind System. Thus, if a modification vis-à-vis the GMS is made in a fractional percentage of humans, it is transferred to the human family through the unconscious or Genetic Mind.


The story of how the WingMakers utilized the GMS to open portals between the human domain and the interdimensional domains would require more time to explain than I have in the context of this interview, but let me just say that the WingMakers attuned some of the implants within the GMS to enable certain individuals of the human family to re-conceptualize, and in some instances, experience, the human soul liberated of the GSSC imprints.

Earth/Nature is undergoing its own transformation, stimulated by its resonance with new spatial energies and its own awakening as a result of the human condition. Earth/Nature is well aware of the human influence upon its domains, and this influence has stimulated its defenses or strategies of continued existence.

It is perhaps hard to comprehend that Earth/Nature is aware of the Human Mind System when we ourselves remain largely ignorant of our condition, but it is true. Earth/Nature realizes that humanity must awaken to its true essence, or Earth/Nature will be destined to live enslaved to those who are themselves enslaved.

Relative to the portals that were opened between the human dimension and that of the interdimensional realms, this occurred, for the first time, in 1998. These portals were revelatory examples of how Anu had deceived virtually all beings through the creation of intermediary domains that were designed programs, within programs, within programs, for the purpose of positioning Anu as God of all.

There are all of these accounts in the historical record of individuals traveling into the Heavens and meeting with the angels and masters. These accounts are so numerous as to make it seem as if it were almost common. It is not.

Before the portals were opened in 1998, those who were traveling into the Heavens were interacting with realms of the mind and/or astral domains. The era of transparency and expansion began in 1998 and it will continue indefinitely into the vast future that awaits humanity and its interdimensional allies.

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